Bookkeeping is critical to your business’s success, but how much do you know about just the profession that works with numbers? Let’s look at what bookkeepers perform, some of the advantages of bookkeeping, and your alternatives for hiring one.

What is the job of a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper (sometimes called a bookkeeping clerk) is a specialist that assists businesses and other organizations in keeping their financial records organized. They are in charge of general ledger accounts, journal entries (transfers), and financial statement generation.

The duties you need someone to perform are determined by the bookkeeper or accounting service your company requires. Each bookkeeping specialist has its specialty area, just as each firm has its own set of financial and bookkeeping requirements.

What is the role of a bookkeeper?

The role of the bookkeeper has evolved over time- the use of the cloud-based accounting software has automated the complete process eliminating a lot of human error whilst at the same time changing the bookkeeping role from data input to data management.

The bookkeeper is responsible for ensuring that the data is accurate investigating ambiguous issues, and thoroughly scrolling through the bank feed to ensure that the said data can be converted to financial statements for decision making.


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